Best Credit Card in UAE for 2021

Credit cards offer a wide range of features and benefits that fits into our financial and lifestyle needs. Selecting the best credit card in UAE is not difficult anymore. Keeping this difficulty in mind, we UAE Credit Card Finder has come with a list of the best credit cards in UAE based on their key features and benefits. compare the best features and offers and apply for the best credit card in UAE and Dubai. Here are some handpicked best credit cards in UAE for 2021 with specific features.

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1. Citi Simplicity Credit Card:

City Simplicity Credit Card

This credit card is considered to be one of the best credit card in UAE because it gives no burden of cash advance fee, annual fee, and late payment fee which is usually seen in other credit cards. If you have AED 5000 per month salary then you are eligible to buy this card.

Key features:

  • No imposition of over the limit fee that can save you from a heavy debt burden ratio.
  • For this, you only have to have a minimum salary of AED 5,000 per month along with a 0 % rate of interest for half a year of installments.
  • You can avail exciting dining and entertainment discounts.
  • There is Airport lounge access available.
  • It provides you plenty of complimentary supplementary cards for your loved ones.
  • You can Paylite and access to quick cash.

2. Standard Chartered Platinum Card:

Standard Chartered Platinum Card

This is the best Credit Card you can have in UAE. It is a cashback credit card with plenty of exciting offers. If you have a minimum salary of AED 5000 and 525 annual fees then you are eligible to have this card. The main advantages of this credit card are shopping, cashback, and unparalleled offers. The people who require daily expenses including grocery shopping, school fees, entertainment could have nothing best than this.

Key features:

  • Minimum Salary required AED 5000, Balance transfer for 0% interest rate.
  • This card charges a 3.45% interest rate and 0% processing fee on balance transfer.
  • The annual fee for this credit card is free for the first year while you have to pay AED 525 from the second year.
  • Card also avails you various complementary to international lounges.
  • 2% cashback offer on International purchase.
  • 1% cashback offer on Domestic purchase.
  • 20% discount offer on three Careem Rides in a month.
  • Savings of AED 18,000 per annum can be avail on this card

3. Najm (Majid Al Futtaim Platinum) Cashback Credit Card:

Najm Cashback Platinum Card

If you are looking for a credit card to meet everyday expenses then this cashback credit card will best suit your necessity. It will prove as one of the most profiting credit cards that will present you with higher discounts on your luxuries and travel. The eligibility for this card includes a minimum salary of AED 7000.

Key features:

  • 0 AED annual fees with good cashback.
  • Offers high discount up to 20 % on travel bookings.
  • proposes up to 30 percent discounts on shopping, travel, dining in UAE.
  • Also provides you 20% offer at Roxy Cinemas.
  • Savings up to AED 200 per month.
  • The interest rate on this card is 3.25% and the FX (Forex) rate is 3%.
  • This card helps you in transferring your balance at preferential rates for 12 months.
  • You can avail many privileges at Carrefour and get your monthly vouchers digitally.
  • You can get various other supplementary cards too.

4. FAB Cashback Credit Card:

The FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank) Credit Card is one of the most benefitting credit cards that allow you for its eligibility with minimum salary (AED) 5000 and annual fee (AED) 315. It rewards the cardholder with many rewards and benefits on each swipe. Besides, it offers you perks including cashback offers, travel, and hotel discounts, airport lounge access, movie offers.

Key Features:

  • An exclusive benefit of AED 300 cashback and a 5% cashback offer on utility bill payments.
  • 5% cashback on fuel purchase and supermarket purchases along with 1% cashback on online shopping.
  • Cinema offer includes two movie tickets at just AED 20 on weekends at Reel, Oscar, and Cine Royal cinemas along with a discount of 20 percent on food and beverages.
  • Complimentary access to airport lounges across the UAE.
  • Advantage of Credit Shield Plus, protects you when you fail to meet card payments.
  • Provides Wallet Shield that covers stolen credit cards or any other forgery transactions.
  • 20% discount on Careem Chauffeur services.

5. Emirates Islamic Bank Cashback Plus Card:

EIB Cashback Plus Card

This card is considered to be the best-selling credit card in the UAE region. To apply for the Emirates Islamic Bank Cashback Plus Card, the applicant needs to have a minimum salary (AED) 12000 and annual fee (AED) 299 and must have UAE residence Visa. This card rewards the cardholder with 10% cashback on every dirham spent.  It is presented with loads of perks and innovative rewards that may help you in gaining maximum value for money.

Key features:

  • Offers an easy access to a wide range of unique offers from Visa and 0% easy payment plans.
  • It gives to balance transfer facility, RTA benefits, medical and multi-trip insurance.
  • You can avail its free supplementary cards and a full-time customer support facility.
  • It gives you protection with Islamic Credit Shield that may help you in meeting card payment failures.
  • Cardholder gets extended warranty for up to 12 months on purchase through card.
  • Additional benefits include golf offers, hotel stays, and exclusive discounts at 900 luxurious hotels around the world.
  • The credit card is also linked to the famous Mazaya that rewards card members with easy access to various offers and benefits at dining across the UAE.

6. RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card:

RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card

The RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card is packed with innovative rewards and holistic advantages. It is kind of a new revolution in the financial sector. It is the most rewarding credit card in UAE with exciting features and offers. The eligibility criteria for this card include good credit history and a minimum salary of AED 10000 and an annual fee AED 0.

Key Features:

  • Offers low interest-free credit for around two months.
  • Provides free supplementary cards for family members.
  • Cashback of 5% on dining, fuel, and supermarkets.
  • Cashback of 50% on cinemas and 20% off on the Careem rides.
  • It allows the card members to send money by using RAKMoney transfer digitally.
  • Cardholders can get 0.25% cashback on each AED 1 and can also enjoy 5 % cashback on retail transactions.
  • It provides you unlimited complimentary access to many VIP lounges.

7. CBD Super Saver Credit Card:

CBD Super Saver Credit Card

CBD Super Saver is also a good option when it comes to choosing a credit card. This card avails you to save on every purchase you do in Dubai. The eligibility criteria parameters for this credit card include that the applicant must have a minimum salary of AED 8,000. Also, the applicant must be between 21 to 63 years of age and a UAE resident.

Key Features:

  • Offers 3% cashback offer for this the cardholders have to make monthly purchases of AED 3000 on transport, utility bills or supermarket stuff.
  • Offers 10% cashback on retail transactions, 1% cashback on every AED 2, 50% discount on cinema tickets.
  • Offers complimentary airport lounge access and free supplementary cards for family members.
  • The cardholders can enjoy purchase protection whenever the card would be used.
  • You can avail a 50% discount on REEL and VOX cinema tickets.
  • This card also gives the benefit of 15% off at Emaar entertainments in Dubai.
  • very least chances of fraud as the microchips embedded in the credit card strict protection. Besides, the CBD Super Saver Credit card member will be provided 24X7 help.
  • You can also get two valet parking services for free of cost, also get benefits on Visa Entertainer App.

8. ADIB Value+Card:

ADIB Value Plus Credit Card

This credit card offers rewards on purchases on every swipe. An applicant needs to have AED 5000 and AED 0 annual fee for being eligible for this card. It provides roadside assistance too.

Key Features:

  • Provides 100% Credit limit for cash withdrawal.
  • Cardholder gets 2 reward points of each 1 AED.
  • Higher reward points and high savings.
  • Best for frequent card users.
  • Provides balance transfer and assistance in utility payments.
  • The profit rate of the card is 10% and the FX rate is 3.1 %.
  • Avails Salary Transfer and all Priceless Arabia offers along with various reward points for Club Apparel Gift Card that you can redeem on this card.
  • This card also offers flexibility to redeem points for shopping vouchers.
  • Through this card, the cardholder can redeem 10,000 points on shopping for AED 50.
  • Offers 25% discount on dining restaurants and access to airport lounges.
  • Also offers a free grace period of 55 days to repay the outstanding balance.
  • Get Rewards on local and international purchases as well.

9. HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card:

HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

This card is one of the best platinum credit cards as it does not only give you perks but also it is free for life. It benefits the cardholder internationally with unique privileges and various offers. It has better card protection with a chip embedded on the card that is recognized across the world.

Key Features:

  • The discounts that are offered by this card are movie discount, dining discount, and dining benefits and 15% discount on four Careem rides a month.
  • You can avail exciting offers up to 12% discounts on shopping, leisure, and dining in around 160 countries.
  • It gives you purchase protection automatically against fraudulent cases.
  • There is a feature of duplicating the original warranty when it gets expired for one year.
  • It provides you a Credit Shield Insurance that covers your debts when you fail to pay off them in emergency cases.
  • Offers unlimited supplementary cards for free of cost and 0 balance transfer facility.
  • Accepts only a minimum amount of 5% of card member’s outstanding balance in a month.
  • Offers plenty of benefits on the HSBC Entertainer App.

10. Deem Titanium Cash Up Credit Card:

Compare Deem mastercard cash up credit card in UAE

This card is best if you want to have plenty of attractive offers with leisure and an easy convenient life. The eligibility for this card requires a minimum salary of 5000 dirhams per month.

Key Features:

  • Offers 3% accelerated cashback on telephone and electricity and government services and 5% on all other retail transactions.
  • You can have over 900 offers over 90 destinations in UAE and around the globe.
  • You can also avail various profitable deals on dining, entertainment
  • Deem Offers app provides much higher innovative offers to the cardholders.
  • You can have lounge access, cash up points, offers on Careem Rides and car rentals.
  • It provides you easy payment plans on just spend of 500 dirhams and also easy balance transfer from other bank accounts to you deem accounts at a reasonable rate.
  • Offers privileges to family through supplementary credit cards.
  • Gives BOGO Offers through MasterCard Buy One Get One App.

List of Available Best Credit Cards in UAE with Annual fees, Minimum Salary required & Key Feature.

Credit Card NameMinimum Salary Required (In AED)Annual Fee (In AED)Top Feature
ADCB Islamic Gold Credit Card80000Travel
ADIB Cashback Platinum Credit Card50000Cashback
Emirates NBD Go4it Credit Card60000Cinema Offer
Emirates Islamic Cashback Card5000350Cashback
Fab Cashback Credit Card5000315Cashback
Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card50000Balance Transfer
ADCB Simplylife Cashback Credit Card50000Cashback
HSBC Cashback Credit Card5000313Cashback
Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Card5000299Cashback
Dubai Islamic Consumer Reward Card50000-
FAB Islamic Cashback Credit Card5000315Cashback
Emirates NBD Visa Platinum Credit Card120000Cinema Offers
Deem Mastercard Platinum Cash Up Credit Card100000Cashback
Emirates NBD Diners Club Credit Card10000400Balance Transfer
Dubai Islamic Al Islami Classic Credit Card50000-
Citi Cashback Credit Card80000Cashback
CBD Super Saver Credit Card8000420Cashback
ADIB Dana Master Card8000299Balance Transfer
Citi Premier Credit Card150000Balance Transfer
Emirates-Citibank Ultimate Credit Card18000800Travel
EIB RTA Gold Credit Card5000125Travel
SCB Titanium Credit Card100000Cinema Offers
RAKBANK Géant La Carte Credit Card50000Dining Offers
HSBC Zero Credit Card50000Balance Transfer
RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card100000Cashback
Najm Voyager Signature Credit Card 12000524Travel

Top five credit cards in different categories in UAE:


1. Top five cashback credit cards in UAE

  • MASHREQ Cashback Credit Card:

Mashreq Cashback card

The MASHREQ credit card takes guarantee of your purchase protection along with travel insurance and extended warranty.  The interest rate on this card is 3.45 percent and provides you 5 percent cash back on dining spends in the UAE.

  • CITI Cashback Credit Card:

Compare Citi Cashback Credit Card

This credit card provides you excellent cashback on your international expense. It gives you travel insurance, balance transfer, unlimited and automatic cashback and airport lounge access. The credit rate is 3.50 percent.

  • FAB Credit Card:

Fab Cashback Credit Card

This credit card gives you various key benefits including cinema tickets, airport lounge access, a balance transfer, dining offers, and health and fitness too. There is avail of up to 2 discounted tickets at VOX. The interest rate is 3.50 percent.

  • ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card:


This is a credit cashback card offered by the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) with minimum credit balance of AED 8,000. It has various sound benefits entailed in it that are gold offers, cinema ticket, balance transfer, air miles, roadside assistance, airport lounge access, purchase protection, etc.

  • Visa Platinum Credit Card:

This cashback credit card in UAE is something that provides platinum benefits like purchase protection, car registration, valet parking, golf offers, cinema tickets, airport chauffeur services, extended warranty, health, and fitness, etc.

2. Top Five Cinema Offer Credit Cards in UAE

  • Mashreq Novo Credit Card:

Mashreq UAE Credit Cards

This cinema offer credit card is the only card that gives you a 50% offer on your cinema tickets. Isn’t that amazing? Not only this it also offers high line benefits to its cardholders and offers around eight movie tickets at discounts. It gives you credit shield coverage too.

  • ADCB Simplylife cashback credit card:

Compare credit cards from Simplylife

It provides you best movie offers including two movie tickets free per month where you can get a 100% cashback offer as well. You can make easy instalment payments at reasonable rate and balance transfer facility.

  • CBD Smiles Visa Signature Credit Card:

CBD Smiles Visa Signature Credit Card

It is one of the top-line feature credit cards that offers you special discounts and a welcome bonus of 50000 smiles points and 50% discount on your cinema tickets.

  • Emirates Citibank Ultima Credit Card:

Emirates Citibank Ultima Credit Card

This gives various movie discounts like you can get one movie ticket free on buying one only at Reel and Vox Cinemas per month. Also, you can avail various other discounts on restaurant and other entertainments.

  • Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Card:

compare credit card in UAE

The cinema enthusiasts would love to have this card as it provides a 50% discount on movie tickets at VOX Cinemas. They can use the Visa credit cards to avail themselves of the benefits and can also earn various points.

3. Top Five Reward Point Credit Cards in UAE

  • FAB Platinum Visa Credit Card:

This credit card has a high variety of features and offers that can be availed throughout the world. The lifestyle benefits, complimentary travel insurance, and reward stars on each dirham spent are all that you can earn in this card. It is best for moviegoers and travelers.

  • Emirates Islamic Flex Elite Credit Card:

Emirates Islamic Flex Elite Credit Card

It is a premium credit card used in UAE that offers lucrative rewards and unmatchable benefits. It comes with an almost complete reward points package including from EI Smart Miles to Visa Paywave and many outstanding features that could best suit you.

  • ADIB Value+ Credit Card:

ADIB Value+ Credit Card

As this is one of the best credit cards one could have so you can choose this also if you are looking for reward point credit card as it offers rewards with a higher range which you can redeem any time.

  • HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card:

HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

This a reward point credit card that will give you utmost leisure with its exciting privileges and offers. Besides, you can even get 1 Air Mile for every AED 4 through this card.

  • ADCB Touchpoint Infinite Credit Card:

ADCB Touchpoint Infinite Credit Card

This card is entailed with many offers and leisure benefits that can be availed on dining, entertainment, and Careem rides. You can even earn bonus points of 15000 on each AED 15000 per month.

4. Top Five Balance Transfer Credit Cards in UAE

  •  Emirates Islamic Skywards Infinite Credit Card:

Emirates Islamic Skywards Infinite Credit Card

The card gives you a crystal chance to clear off your outstanding balance of other banks without any inconvenience. You can earn Skywards Miles for every spent dirham. One of the best credit card in UAE with its innovative features like balance transfer, complimentary lounge access, multi-trip, instant cash advance, purchase protection, etc.

  • Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card:

Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

This card not only gives you maximum discounts but also gives you the health club memberships. You can pay off your card balance in an easier way via monthly installments. It offers you an easy payment plan for its cardmembers. There is a credit shield, revolving balance transfer and wallet protect too.

  • Deem MasterCard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Compare Deem mastercard cash up credit card in UAE

It can be the best when it comes to controlling the finances and repayment of your outstanding balances conveniently. You can avail of its top rewards including cash up, car rentals, easy payment plan, strict card protection, etc.

  • ADCB Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card:


This is the only card that offers a balance transfer facility for two years for elite persons. Its unique features are card control, extended warranty, credit shield, allowance of 55 interest-free days, etc. Convenient payment options include mobile banking and personal internet banking.

  • HSBC Black Credit Card:


This credit card offers you a 0% interest rate on your balance transfer. You can avail of movie discounts, golf offers, and airport lounge access too. If you want to save on the interest amount then this card is best to be chosen for use.

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