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What is a Credit Card?

A credit card in UAE is a plastic card issued by banks and financial institutions that enables the cardholder to pay the merchant for goods and services from its pre-approved limit. A credit card comes with an agreement that the cardholders have to pay the borrowed money, plus any applicable interest, plus any additional agreed-upon fees, either in full by the due date or over time. With the introduction of Credit Cards payments became more convenient and less complicated.

Credit Card in UAE

A credit card is a short-term loan facility for your everyday purchases on an agreed time frame for repayment with interest or applicable fees. It comes with a wide range of benefits to suit all types of needs or requirements. Credit Card in Dubai gives you the freedom to buy big purchases and pay them off in small installments. It gives you reward points, cashback, discount offers, and more to enrich your daily lifestyle.

In UAE, the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) is the primary regulatory body that maintains all credit card data. Provides accurate credit reports to banks, financial institutions, and companies.

How to Compare Credit Cards in UAE & Dubai?

Comparing Credit Cards online can help you to make an informed decision before applying for a credit card in Dubai, UAE. Credit Card features are dynamic and different credit cards come with different features and user-specific benefits. As every card come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, UAE Credit Card Finder’s comparing feature gives you a summarized view of the prime factors of selecting a card. You can compare credit cards on different parameters like:

Interest Rates: Before obtaining a credit card, you should be aware of the interest rate charged on it. Every credit card has pre-set financing fee. Therefore, the applicant must compare the interest rates on different cards and find out the lowest possible option.

Annual Fees: Few credit cards are free for life and do not have any yearly charges whereas some cards come with an annual maintenance fee. Before applying for a Credit Card the applicant must check the fee and charges before applying for a card in Dubai.

Minimum Salary Requirements: For every credit card in Dubai there is a minimum salary eligibility criteria attached to it. Generally, the minimum salary to apply for a credit card in Dubai starts at AED 5000 per month.

Key Benefits: Each credit card is designed with a set of user-specific and lifestyle benefits. Applicants must compare and choose a card that gives great value for their spendings.

Top Credit Cards of the Month


Movie Tickets

Cinema Offers Credit Card in UAE

Golf Offers

Apply credit card online Golf Offers Credit Card in UAE

Dining Offers

Dining Offers Credit Card in UAE


Airport Lounge Access Credit Card in UAE

Top Credit Card Providers in UAE

RAK Bank
FAB Bank Personal Loan
Dubai Islamic Bank
Citi Bank UAE
Deem Finance Personal Loan
ADCb simplylife
Emirates Islamic Bank
Emirates NBD

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Summary of  Available Credit Cards in UAE with  Annual fees, Minimum Salary required & Key Feature.

Credit Card NameMinimum Salary Required (In AED)Annual Fee (In AED)Top Feature
ADCB Islamic Gold Credit Card80000Travel
ADIB Cashback Platinum Credit Card50000Cashback
Emirates NBD Go4it Credit Card60000Cinema Offer
Emirates Islamic Cashback Card5000350Cashback
Fab Cashback Credit Card5000315Cashback
Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card50000Balance Transfer
ADCB Simplylife Cashback Credit Card50000Cashback
HSBC Cashback Credit Card5000313Cashback
Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Card5000299Cashback
Dubai Islamic Consumer Reward Card50000-
FAB Islamic Cashback Credit Card5000315Cashback
Emirates NBD Visa Platinum Credit Card120000Cinema Offers
Deem Mastercard Platinum Cash Up Credit Card100000Cashback
Emirates NBD Diners Club Credit Card10000400Balance Transfer
Dubai Islamic Al Islami Classic Credit Card50000-
Citi Cashback Credit Card80000Cashback
CBD Super Saver Credit Card8000420Cashback
ADIB Dana Master Card8000299Balance Transfer
Citi Premier Credit Card150000Balance Transfer
Emirates-Citibank Ultimate Credit Card18000800Travel
EIB RTA Gold Credit Card5000125Travel
SCB Titanium Credit Card100000Cinema Offers
RAKBANK Géant La Carte Credit Card50000Dining Offers
HSBC Zero Credit Card50000Balance Transfer
RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card100000Cashback
Najm Voyager Signature Credit Card 12000524Travel


A Cashback Credit Card is a reward program or incentive program run by credit card companies where a percentage of the amount spent is reimbursed to the cardholder in the form of a credit in the card statement. Cashback is often offered on specific purchases, such as fuel, utility bills, groceries, etc.

For example, if your card pays 2% cashback and you spend AED 100 in a store, you earn AED 2.

Reward point is a feature that banks offer credit card holders as a reward for every time they spend on their credit cards. Cardholders can collect these points as they spend on their credit card. Once they’ve collected enough points, they can redeem them for gift vouchers, merchandise, air miles, and more.

For example for every 10,000 points earned the cardholder can redeem them for a shopping voucher of AED 500.

An Airmiles credit card is a type of loyalty rewards program operated by Rewards Management Middle East, where the credit card cardholder earns points on purchases from participating merchants and can be exchanged for flights with specific airlines.

Airmiles credit cards can be of great value for people who fly frequently but also for people who want to build up Airmiles credit to plan a vacation.

Most Credit Cards with great benefits come with a recurring annual membership fee but there is a wide range of luxury credit cards that offer ample benefits and rewards without charging an annual membership fee for life. These types of credit cards are known as free for life credit cards or Zero Annual Fee Credit Cards.

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